Trade Finance

We support businesses through our bespoke trade solutions. Discover our Trade Finance solutions which support your growth.


Smoother trading

We provide Trade and Working capital solutions to Importers and Exporters support the smooth flow of goods and services inland and across borders.  Our Trade and Working capital solutions aim to simplify and minimize the risks involved in international trade transactions, making them more efficient and secure. It includes key instruments that supports growth. 

As the key financial engine of the UAE's economic diversification and industrial transformation agenda, we have the mandate and the resources to support all your trade finance needs.

Trade Finance Solutions for Importers

  • Import Letters of Credit: For a convenient and flexible payment solution that mitigates risks in international trade, inquire about our Import Letters of Credit solutions. It can be tailor-made to the Importers specific needs while providing suppliers reassurance that they will be paid, bridging gaps between buyer and the seller.
  • Inward Documentary Collections: We will manage the financial and commercial documents and make payment on your behalf on agreed terms, providing comfort to your suppliers.
  • Loan against Imports/Trust receipts: Selling and payment for the goods received may take time to realise on imported goods. We can bridge the gap between paying for the imports and selling them by offering financing for Imports Letters of Credit, Import Documentary Collection or Open account trade by providing you extended credit period.
  • Shipping Guarantees: Shipping guarantees enables you to take procession of goods, even before the shipping documents arrives through banking channels.

Trade Finance Solutions for Exporters

  • Export Letters of Credit: An export letter of credit provides you protection from the buyer’s credit risk. We provide services to handle your export letters of credit and documents minimizing Export payment risk.
  • Export Documentary Collections: We can collect your payments through a secure cost-efficient way for your exports through Export documentary collection services.


Conduct your contractual obligations with confidence. We facilitate various types of Guarantee issuance for all your needs. A EDB guarantee will enable you to have favorable terms with your counterparts, protecting them from Non-performance risk whilst supporting your financing needs.

Working Capital solutions

Our working capital solutions are flexible. Provides you with liquidity to grow your business by supporting procurement and sales. 

  • Invoice Financing (Supply and Purchase): We provide financing solutions for your sales and purchase invoices enabling you to manage your cash flows efficiently.

Applying for trade finance is as simple and straightforward as you’d expect from EDB.

Simply reach out to a member of our Trade Finance team here.

What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining financing?

The eligibility criteria vary depending on the nature of the project or business. Generally, factors such as creditworthiness, business viability, and alignment with EDB's strategic objectives and focus areas are considered.

How can I apply for financing?

To apply for financing you can either call us or sign in on the website and complete an initial application form.  You will be required to upload relevant documentation.

What are the trade finance solutions offered for importers?

• Import Letters of Credit.
• Inward Documentary Collections.
• Loan against Imports/Trust receipts.
• Shipping Guarantees.

What are the trade finance solutions offered for exporters?

• Export Letters of Credit.
• Outward Documentary Collections.

What are the working capital financing solutions offered?

• Sales invoice Financing (Receivables)
• Purchase invoice Financing (Payables)
• Advance Payment for Purchases.

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