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EDB is connected and ready to go. We offer CAPAX finance for solar panels, enabling small businesses to generate their own energy.

For businesses looking for larger-scale clean energy initiatives, Greenfield and Brownfield structured project financing is available for many renewable energy sources.

And, if you're an approved contractor of solar panels you can access funds by leveraging our receivable finance solution. This helps contractors manage cash flow, invest in new projects or cover their operating expenses while waiting for customer payments.


Here are some solutions relevant to Renewables companies

Renewables and Energy Finance

Smoothing the road to Net Zero EDB is fully committed to the UAE’s ambitious plans for a Net Zero economy. One of our five pillars is to focus our efforts on supporting investment in renewable energy and greater energy efficiency in industry.

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EDB is excited to bring SMEs smarter business banking through our partnership with YAP. The all in one banking app means...

  • SMEs can kick start their business with quick set-up, a range of transactional services and access to lending products.
  • 24/7 access with secure, convenient, digital banking on-the-go.
  • No minimum balance criteria.
  • Account activation completed within 48 hours and your business account IBAN reserved in a matter of minutes.

Our Business Banking App will be continuously upgraded to provide the latest features/services available in digital business banking.

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As the nation becomes a leading manufacturing hub, we offer a full range of financial solutions to UAE manufacturers to support their growth.

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A strong economy is reliant on top of the line healthcare service. We provide support to healthcare companies, hospitals, labs and clinics to modernize and expand.

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We are enabling the future sustainability of the UAE by supporting the development and implementation of renewable energy solutions.

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Food Security

We help the UAE in its National Food Security Strategy 2051 aims to become self-sufficient in food production through food and agriculture sector financing.

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Advanced Technology

We are powering the future with our financing, by accelerating the adoption and integration of future technologies in a wide variety of industries

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