Emirates Movable Collateral Registry

Federal Law No 20 of 2016 has modernized the framework regarding the mortgage of movable assets to secure debt. Now, to validate your claim on assets against third parties, it's essential to register with Emirates Integrated Registries Company L.L.C (EIRC). What's in it for you?

  • Buying assets? EIRC lets you check any existing claims to avoid disputes.
  • Selling or leasing? Validate your ownership with an EIRC registration.
  • Using retention of title or leasing strategies? Secure your interests through EIRC.
  • Relying solely on contractual clauses may not suffice; enhance your protection by registering.
  • Even when assets are away, EIRC ensures your rights remain intact.
For a comprehensive understanding and the benefits of EIRC registration, visit the EIRC website.

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