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The UAE is a pioneering and forward-thinking nation that thrives on national development and international cooperation whilst retaining its own unique heritage and culture. Today it is seen as a beacon that serves as an example for other countries in the region and other parts of the world. As we progress into the 21st century, the UAE knows that there is more to be done with new challenges to address.

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  • 2015

    Officially launched operations

  • AA - Stable

    Fitch Rating - S&P
    Global AA- / Stable

  • 12,000

    jobs created within
    the UAE industrial
    sector in 2022

  • AED3.5bn+

    Contributed to the
    UAE's GDP in 2022

  • 194


  • 100%

    Owned by the UAE
    Federal Government


  • AED


    Net Profit

  • AED


    Total Assets

  • AED


    Total Equity

  • AED


    Total Loans



“Guided by the directives and forward-thinking vision of our leadership, Emirates Development Bank (EDB) played a pivotal role in 2022 that supported the national economic diversification and industrial agenda of the UAE. The Bank’s growing financing activities, product suite, and advisory capabilities for SMEs and Large Corporates have enabled it to achieve record levels of approved loans, GDP contribution, and job creation in the sectors it supports.”

His Excellency Dr. Sultan Al Jaber


Ahmed Mohamed Al Naqbi

Chief Executive Officer


“2022 was an outstanding year for Emirates Development Bank (EDB) where we worked closely with all our key stakeholders to achieve record levels of loans approved, GDP contribution, and job creation. As a key financial engine for the economic development and industrial advancement of the nation, EDB clearly demonstrated its value to the economy by offering patient capital and favorable financing terms to customers operating across the Bank’s target strategic sectors. In the process, we also did our part in cultivating the UAE’s entrepreneurship ecosystem vis a vis our digital banking products and services in addition to curating education and mentoring programmes aimed at advancing credit worthiness and financial literacy.”

OUR STRATEGY | EDB’s Five-Year Strategy Objectives

In 2021, the Bank adopted a new strategy to become an engine of economic development and industrial advancement for the UAE. This new mission supports the UAE’s economic diversification agenda and enhances its role in stimulating the national economy. The Bank is responsible for approving AED 30 billion in loans to support SMEs and large corporates cooperating in five priority industrial sectors by 2026.


Serve as a key financial engine to enable and empower the country’s industrial development strategy


Focus on five core sectors
aligned with national priorities:

  • Manufacturing

  • Infrastructure

  • Technology

  • Healthcare

  • Food Security


Raise the Bank’s contribution to national GDP by over AED 10 billion by 2026


Position the UAE as a key industrial hub for local and global businesses looking to set or expand their operations.


Focus on five core sectors
aligned with national priorities:

  • Manufacturing

  • Infrastructure

  • Technology

  • Healthcare

  • Food Security


Strategic Objectives
Strategic Objectives
Market Positioning
Purpose of Financing
Risk Appetite / Financing Terms
Developmental Eligibility Criteria
Commercial Banks
Maximise economic impact
Maximise shareholder returns
Partners with commercial banks to support the economy
Compete with other commercial banks
• Customised financing solutions
• Priority to new developments
General purpose financing
Patient debt approach with long tenor financing (up to 10+ years)
Average tenor of 5 years
Competitive pricing driven by developmental criteria
Driven by RAROC optimisation
• Higher-risk projects with high developmental impact
• Flexible terms
Minimise exposure to high-risk projects
Strict development criteria
Clear criteria for non-eligible projects / sponsors


EDB is tasked with providing patient and competitively priced financing in support of the UAE’s economic growth and industrial development. The Bank is also identified as a major enabler of Operation 300bn, which is the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology’s comprehensive plan for developing the UAE’s industrial sector and growing the national economy.

EDB’s Development
Impact Scorecard

At EDB, as part of the assessment process, every loan is evaluated through the Bank’s proprietary ‘Development Impact Scorecard.’ The tool measures more than 20 quantitative and qualitative factors regarding each loan’s potential impact on economic development.

Qualitative criteria include whether the project is a greenfield development, includes local procurement, has UAE national ownership, or creates new business for local SMEs. Quantitative criteria include the number of high-skilled jobs created and percent private sector ownership

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To raise awareness across the UAE business community regarding the Bank’s revised mission, target customers and offerings. The bank actively engages with relevant stakeholders. In 2022, this included hosting 12 roadshows and CEO roundtables with free zones, emirate-level economic departments and chambers of commerce, and other entities.

As an additional step to bring word of the offerings to a larger audience, EDB signed 8 memoranda of understanding during the year, raising the total number of MoUs in place with free zones, ministries and economic development departments to 24.

Strategic partnerships include,
but are not limited to:


  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

    mSME’s work in the micro-business segment has not only established EDB as a leading bank serving micro businesses, but also earned it the title “Best Micro Finance Bank Middle East 2022” by the Global Banking & Finance Awards.

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  • Wholesale and Institutional Banking

    Building on the strong momentum established in 2022, the Wholesale and Institutional Banking division is looking to empower the UAE’s industrial sector even further in 2023.

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  • Operations

    To accommodate a more than doubling of staff and to foster the Bank’s distinctive approach to its work, the Operations division led the opening of new offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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  • Our People

    The Bank continued to distinguish itself as a preferred employer in the UAE. This was reflected in the 2022 employee satisfaction survey, conducted by an independent third-party, that registered a score of 86 percent, an eight-point increase over last year.

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